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Socially Distant Day Trip – Maine

I’m used to traveling quite a bit.  For the past few years, I’ve taken multiple trips. Some for a day, or a long weekend, and others for a full week or two. Before 2020 started, I had already planned multiple trips both out of state and out of country. Visiting other cities and countries, or…

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A Boy, a Dog, and Overcoming Fear

My son, Brayden, has been afraid of dogs for as long as I can remember. Whenever he saw a dog, he would shy away. If a dog barked, he would cover his ears, or run away, or try to climb- literally climb- into my arms. I could see the fear, the anxiety, all over his…

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How a Toothbrush Told Me She Was Committed

In a growing relationship, on the cusp of casual and committed, there are certain steps and signs that things are getting more serious. There’s the first sleepover, and the second, and pretty soon there’s a pattern of consistent visits that has one or both parties packing bags regularly. In between, the various outfits are washed,…

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When Plans Change

Camping. It seems to be one of those activities that people feel strongly about, in either direction. I have to admit, that I had been on the side of ‘no thanks,’ for a while. I was a Girl Scout for a decade. Between that, and camping with my father, I had felt all camped out…

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Getting Creative with Quality Time during Quarantine

When quarantine first started, I felt lost. I didn’t know how long this would last, as none of us do, and of course that’s where anxiety thrives. When quarantine first started, I didn’t have much hope for the future. I often didn’t know what day it was, and there were many times I didn’t care.…

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All Together

The meaning of the word ‘Family’ is evolving; In my life, in my home, in my heart. When I first thought about starting a family, I envisioned a long marriage to the father, two children, a dog, etc, etc. The dream that I had been conditioned to want was what I was trying to build,…

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