BookCon 2019

BookCon happened earlier this month in NYC! I know plenty of others who blogged the entire experience during the weekend, and others shortly after, but I’ve had an incredible month that sort of put this post on the back burner. (Mainly because I wrote an entire book this month, but we’ll get to that later.)…

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Ahoy, Imagination! – Draw 50 Things Challenge

I recently watched a video by Will Terry about his Draw 50 Things challenge.  (Watch the video here). Now, I’ll admit, it sounded like a great challenge that I might try, eventually, but I made no immediate plans to give it a real go.

Then, the other day, it happened. I was drawing an image and decided to make a background instead of leaving the walls and room blank, and before I knew it, I was searching my brain for 50 unique items that I could add. 

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An Unexpected Journey

When we’re little, we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up. I wanted to be a traveling photographer for Nat Geo, or a writer, or a psychologist, or a marine biologist- or a- As an adult, I did try the old way; college and one set career. In true Gemini fashion, working…

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