Character Design I

Character Design I Class

As an illustrator, one of my first steps with a new project is to design characters, and bring them to life. This process is great fun, but it has taken practice. I’ve learned throughout my art career how to take specific traits, and use them to create unique and interesting characters in each children’s book and commission. 

This intermediate class has been created for children and young adults who understand the basics of character design and are looking to take their characters a step further. We’ll discuss how traits can be boldly and subtly drawn, and how to truly bring a character to life.

The next Character Design I course will take place over Zoom on the following dates:

Character Conception – December 1st, 4pm EST
Details vs. Simplify – December 8th, 4pm EST
Personality Traits – December 15th, 4pm EST
Drawing Every Angle – December 29th, 4pm EST

What is covered in this class:
  • Character Conception – how to build the idea of the character before the first sketch is made, and as the first few trial sketches are drawn.
  • Details vs Simplify – how to play with style and decide on what’s best for the character, project, and world the character lives in.
  • Personality Traits – how personality can be shown in style, expressions, and line choices.

  • Drawing Every Angle – how to practice drawing your character in many ways, and while using many different expressions.

Character Design I Class

4 weeks of classes!

100.00 $

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